Collection: Monthly Freebie Vault

Past monthly freebies! In case you missed any of the freebies that you really wanted from months past, you can purchase them here the month after! The stickers will be available in multiple sizes and not just 2.5in, and they will have the same material options as the rest of my stickers! 

The charms will also be available as MTO products, the turn around time is 1-2 weeks, but mostly likely much shorter. And I will try to always keep 3 ready to ship!

If you purchase these after the month they were available as freebies, they will still count towards the free custom if you collect 12! Just make sure you keep track of all freebies so you can take a picture and show me once you've collected 12! And these are of course will earn you the freebies of the month (depending on how much you spend, remember you need a $15 minimum to get the charm)!

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