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Apple Pie enamel pin

Apple Pie enamel pin

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Get your own dumpy little apple dragon! This hard enamel pin is 2.5in with black nickel plating and special glitter details. Complete with two posts on the back and red/green rubber star clutches.  

There are two variants a normal and shiny! And please see below for an explanation for how I grade pins.

Please note A-grades may have very small unnoticeable flaws due to the nature of how enamel pins are made. I do discount any pins with flaws you can easily notice at a glance. I will not accept returns or exchanges for any reasons regarding this.

How I grade pins-

 A-grade: Perfect pins, or nearly perfect. May have a very small flaw that is only noticeable in the right light or if you look very close. 

B-grade: Small flaws that are noticeable at a glance, like little specks, whisps of the wrong color enamel, or small scratches in the plating. You can see these flaws at a glance but from far away they might not be noticeable unless you know where to look.

C-grade: More noticeable flaws, large flecks or large stripes/whisps of wrong colored enamel. Large scratches in the plating. You would most likely be able to notice these flaws at a distance like up on your pin board. 

Untracked Sticker Shipping

Untracked sticker shipping is available for STICKER ONLY orders within the United States!

Please be aware!: USPS states stamped letters should arrive within 1-5 days, this isn't always true. I've had stamped letters take multiple weeks before.

Please be aware of this when choosing untracked shipping.

Shipping & Returns

Sticker only orders receive free UNTRACKED shipping. Meaning you will not receive a tracking number.

Customs and Import fees

I am not responsible for collecting any import fees upon checkout. YOU are responsible for all import/vat related fees upon the delivery of your product.

Processing Times:

Current processing time is 3-5 week days. I don't process orders on weekends typically.


Shipping Disclaimer

Once the product is shipped and in the mail carriers hands, it's out my control. If it takes an abnormal amount of time to get to you please check if the mail service is being slow, and check with the mail carrier service themselves about your package. If you've done that and your package has been deemed lost or its damaged I will do my best to try and resolve the situation.


Refund/Exchange Policy

I do not issue refunds all sales are final.

I will accept exchanges on a case by case basis, the item will always be of equal or lesser value. And you will be responsible for all shipping related fees. Please email me at or message me on instagram if you need to inquire about a possible exchange.



In the event of a preorder I will state the estimated delivery time in the description of the item and update it in the event of any delays happening.

If you purchase a preorder and an instock item in the same order, all items will ship once all preorder items arrive. I will not break up items in multiple shipments.

The same cancellation policy and refund/exchange policy still applies. I will not issue refunds on preorder items, nor will I accept order cancellations 5 hours after the order has been placed.

Any other questions regarding preorder's can be directed to

Order Cancellations

Order Cancellations

I will accept order cancellations within 5 hours of the order being placed, no later, no acceptions. And there is a 10% handling and restocking fee upon cancellations.

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